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Video Translate

TransDuck's video translation function has helped users with various needs translate videos to export to different regions to achieve content dissemination, product sales, brand promotion and other purposes.

Based on current user data analysis, here are some application scenarios that may be helpful to you for your reference.

Case 1: Product introduction category

A large number of TransDuck users are using our video translation function to translate product introduction videos. For example, the following is a case of translating an English video into a Chinese video:

Original VideoTranslated Video

By quickly translating product introduction videos through TransDuck, users can efficiently create product introduction videos that are suitable for various regions, and then use them to distribute and sell the products in the videos to obtain sales revenue**. At the same time, there are also videos that users use to translate product instructions. When encountering customers in different languages, they can be used to guide users on how to use them.

Case 2: Explanatory video

Scenes narrated by a single person, such as drama narration, attraction introductions, and story dubbing, are also very suitable for production using TransDuck.

For example, here is the effect of using a video downloaded from Douyin to translate:

Original VideoTranslated Video

It can be seen that the effect of converting Chinese to English is also very accurate, and the dubbing effects and background music are also well preserved. If you have a lot of commentary videos, you can also try it and translate some content and export it overseas to obtain traffic commissions that are much higher than those allocated by domestic video platforms.

Case 3: Knowledge popularization and courses

We operate a developer knowledge account to verify our translation results. The content is all translated using TransDuck, and the production process is extremely efficient. Since the video translation effect is very good, the data of this account is also pretty good. Here is a video translation of knowledge popularization:

Original VideoTranslated Video

If you are interested, you can go directly to our B station to view more video effects:

Currently, from the perspective of TransDuck users, there are still a lot of knowledge translations. In addition to knowledge popularization, there are also many translations of tutorials for professional software.


The above are user cases with good results that we have obtained based on current user analysis. You are also welcome to explore other application scenarios of video translation.

Since TransDuck is still in its infancy, there may be some types of videos where the current translation effect is not very good, but we have been listening to the needs of users, and many advanced features are also being developed. We hope that our tools can help all audio and video Content creators can complete content creation more efficiently and accelerate revenue conversion.